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Shenzhen Wantian Electronics Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2006, which is a company produces spa led lights, spa multimedia products and spa accessories very early in China. Company keeps a fast development since founded.

Our company has a very nice reputation on bathtub led system field, product sales and market shares rank among the forefront of the industry. As far as now we have been already working with many famous enterprises on OEM/ODM products’ designing and manufacturing.

We are focusing on spa led lights, multimedia products and other accessories. Strictly follow with ISO9001 International Quality System standards, we build the Scene Management System based on 5S management and have a strict control on product quality. We also gathered a batch of electronics, physics, acoustics talents from bathtub field, in order to offer the best quality products to our customers.

Every week we communicate with bathtub manufacturers to help improving products’ practicability and safety. It is also helpful to save cost and offer installation solutions to customers.

Wantian Electronics
About us
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Contact us
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